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REVA2 is the definitive solution to the recurring problems linked to traffic jams, parking difficulties and pollution in cities.

REVA2 provides, for the first time, a genuine alternative to private vehicles with VIP services, affordable for everyone

In addition, REVA2 is profitable, hence sustainable.


Make a Reva2 booking on your Smartphone: a vehicle comes automatically to pick you up at your place, within minutes and will drop you exactly at your destination.

The « REVA2 » system is characterized by a major innovation: a guiding thread, the « Blue Line », allows for a fully automated use of the vehicles without the need for a driver.

This Blue Line, like a tramway rail, is a mere blue strip glued on the road similar to standard road signaling strips. The Blue Line includes RFID chips that allow for a very accurate positioning of each vehicle, and for the transfer of this location information to the system.

The Blue Line brings three key features:

  • - a safe and accurate guidance in any electromagnetic environment, and independent of satellite signals (GPS …)
  • - a visible zone with priority or even dedicated areas (old town, historic center...) for REVA2.
  • - a strong resistance to hacking

REVA2 offers, for the first time, a true alternative to the private vehicle as it may be driven like a regular car outside cities: REVA2 takes you anywhere.

In addition to being eco-friendly and affordable, REVA2 drastically reduces time spent in commuting as it picks you up and drops you exactly at your destination.

The vehicles

Each vehicle presents 4 seats facing each other in automated mode or, when driven, oriented in the same direction, after rotation of the front seats.

REVA2 offers two modes of operation: full electric / automated (without driver) for trips within cities fitted with the guiding thread and hybrid / standard (standard driving). REVA2 can leave cities and is able to make long journeys for professional, private or vacation trips.

A smart vehicle

Safety sensors :

A set of safety sensors using the latest technologies enables the vehicle to identify the surrounding environment (pedestrians, cyclists, obstacles, other vehicles) and to assess all possible situations by way of an expert system linked to a local data base. The vehicle maintains a « smart » behavior that allows for the safe motion in all situations that can be faced in a city.

The safety speed of the vehicles in automated mode is limited to 35 Km/h in cities and 60 Km/h on express roads. The safety issues related to Reva2 have been studied and validated by a team of experts from a large European transportation group.

Parking areas

The vehicles park in dedicated areas, a light signal giving the information on the battery load level.

The self adaptive computing system will automatically direct under-used vehicles towards areas where there is an identified need: vehicles look for the users!

In standard driving mode, REVA2 turns into a hybrid vehicle generating low pollution in order to take you on long trips or on holidays.

Vehicle train

The vehicles may organize themselves into « virtual trains» with the head vehicle becoming the « master », and organizing the data transfer between the train vehicles.

Perfect synchronization of command and control

The wireless connections between vehicles are highly secured and redundant using several communication links combined together:

  • Digital hyper frequency link
  • Analogue link
  • Infrared link

High reliability

Thanks to the separation between the motion commands processed locally by the vehicle and the traffic data processed by the REVA2 central system, an unprecedented reliability level is achieved with easy implementation.


This consideration is key. Implementation of REVA2 is truly economical with respect to the very low cost of installation, vehicles and operating system.

The Blue Line installation cost is very low compared to a conventional rail, the implementation time is fast, reducing nuisance, and the set up in a city takes only a few months. This installation cost is comparable to the installation cost of a standard road signaling strip.

A performing vehicle at a reasonable price makes the system highly efficient since each vehicle is used by a large number of users per day who share the use cost.

Economics show a perfect fit between product, market and environment while making the twenty first century dream come true: to move around freely without any constraint in an eco-friendly fashion, and an attractive cost for everyone


Raoul Parienti

Contact :

Graduate from CNAM
Master’s degree in mathematics

University Professor, Innovation & Creativity (2009-2012)
Nice Sophia-Antipolis University
Expert in patents and contributer of the European Patent Office.

Founder and Chairman of several innovative companies

Creator of innovative concepts aiming at best answering the needs of a better living of the public. Raoul PARIENTI knows how to anticipate the market request and to merge the available technologies and capabilities with the industry requirements. He proposes innovative products fitted for the sales of the near future.

Raoul Parienti owns 147 international patents in the following fields: transportation, security, health, telecommunications, music, etc. Raoul always develops his ideas and concepts bearing in mind people daily needs and makes sure that his inventions can be manufactured.

Some invention references :

  • Reading assistant device for the visually impaired : TOP READER
  • Automated Electric Vehicle System: REVA2
  • Device for detecting baby apnea : BABYCOOL
  • Mini electric, foldable, lightweight and three-wheeled scooter
  • Ironing system in a wall panel : STARPRESS
  • Reading device for the Blind : TOP BRAILLE.
  • Digital Bank note.
  • Internet communication device APPLIO, which enabled the Kortex company in the USA to raise 100 Millions dollars on Nasdaq.
  • Automated booking system (AIR FRANCE),
  • Contactless toll system for subways (RATP, France),
  • Universal electronic key.

Some references :

  • Concours Lépine, “Prize of the Senat. Paris, for Starpress, 2014
  • Twice gold medal of Salon International des Inventions de Genève, Geneve, for Freeway and Starpress, 2014
  • Concours Lépine, “Grand Prix du Concours Lépine. Paris, for Freeway - 2013
  • Twice gold medal of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Paris – 2010- 2011.
  • Concours Lépine, “prize of the French Republic President. Paris – 2010
  • Laureate at Gusi Peace Price in 2010,
  • Award of the European Inventor of the Year, Prague, EOP (European Patent Office) - 2009,
  • Engineer of the Year 2007 in France,
  • AGBM Award for the Innovative Medical Technologies, France - 2006,
  • INPI award for the bicentennial delivered by the French Prime Minister,
  • « Grand Prix Lumière » in Lyon, France, 2001,
  • 11 medals at the «Salon de l’Invention », Geneva, 2001, including 4 gold medals with the «félicitations du Jury »
  • Co-authors of the book “L’invention gagnante” – Osmonde Edition
  • Speaker during the RIO conference on Environment in 1992, organised by the UN organisation, where REVA was presented internationally (Free access vehicle with automated reloading by induction).